Low germ seed for cover crop

The MACS cover crop program has announced it will allow low germination and diseased seed that was saved for planting to be used for fall planting.  Seeding rates for seed less than 65% germination are included in the cover crop agreement.  For seed lower than 65% germination, contact the district office for seeding rate.  THE ONLY SEEDING METHOD PERMITTED FOR SEED LOWER THAN 65% GERMINATION IS BROADCAST/LIGHT TILLAGE.  Small grain drills cannot accommodate seeding rates necessary to achieve stands necessary to meet cover crop requirements.  All fields planted with seed below 65% germination will be spot check for adequate stand and documented for program eligibility.  The use of seed that failed due to noxious weed content is not permitted at any time!!

Contact the district office at 301-695-2803 x3 with questions.

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